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To serve the greater Northwest with Individual & Business Accounting Needs Utilizing a Relationship First Focus & Commitment to Excellence. 

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Sonja Haaby graduated from Linfield College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Certificate in Human Resource Management.

After an extensive career in banking and finance as branch manager and financial specialist, Sonja Haaby decided to follow her passion in accounting and pursue her public accounting career. Sonja Haaby began her career in public accounting in 2007 with a local CPA firm. Her education, financial background, and problem solving skills enables Sonja Haaby to assist personal and business clients with all their financial tax planning needs.

Sonja Haaby’s passion for family and to be a part of and contribute to the community has led her to play an active role with various organizations such as the Leadership Redmond team, Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Connect and Eagle Mountain where she volunteers much of her time to community outreach fundraising events, training, coaching, and mentoring others.

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A certified presence and a constant commitment in the wood sector to offer the best expertise possible.

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